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What are the advantages of LED HEADLIGHTS? From: Hua Deng lighting – The Led headlight manufacturer

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Mention LED headlight, I believe most people know it well. Have to say why it is so popular, as we know, there are no more than three kinds of car headlight at present, halogen headlight, HID Xenon headlight (high intensity discharge lamp) and the new popularity LED headlight. Compare to the two kinds mainstream headlights, what is the advantage of the LED headlights? Let the author of Hua Deng lighting explain for you. 

To the car itself, the advantages of LED headlights are below.

1. Energy saving and high value: The luminous efficiency of LED headlight is high, close to twice than the fluorescent lamp, it is 4/5 energy saving than the incandescent light bulb, while the LED used in the Led car lights is 1/4 energy saving than the energy saving lamp. And on the car, the energy consumption of LED component is 1/20 compare to halogen lamp. The technology of Led headlight is improving annually, the price is proportional to the value.

2. Ultra-long span life: The LED headlight used in car can all achieve 50,000 hours basically, convert it, equal to 6 years. Consider the operating frequency of light, no need to replace the LED car light in the whole car design span life. In comparison, the span life of xenon lamp is about 3,000 hours.

3. Good durability: The impact resistance and anti- seismicity is very good, not easily broken, so it can adapt to different environment.

4. The headlights of Hua Deng lighting can be customized: This is the great advantage of Hua Deng lighting. And this adequately cater to the need of car factory on design, break the constraint of lighting system to the modern design, and let us own the more creative car products.(The LED headlight makes the shape and line become richer, the resolution at night is higher too.

5. Fast response rate: It takes only microsecond to light up the LED. Turn on and light up immediately, using in the headlight, and compare with the xenon lamp and halogen lamp, the LED lamp has the higher response rate, have the better guarantee for driving safety.

6. Low brightness decay: The brightness of Hua Deng Led headlight is high, brightness decay is far below halogen lamp, be suited for using as lighting, stoplight, and turn light etc caution light.

7. Low-voltage direct current driving, small load, weak interference, low requirements to the operating environment, good adaptation. Not like the xenon lamp still need the pressure rise device (high pressure pack).


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