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What is LED headlight? From: Hua Deng lighting – The Led headlight manufacturer

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A lot of car owners like the Led headlight very much; many people will refit the high light LED headlight by themselves. Then this has brought up a pile of road killers. That makes the people hate the distance light user’s guts. What is LED headlight that makes people love-hate relationship with it? Let the author of Hua Deng lighting explain for you.

First, talk about what is LED. The Chinese name of LED (light emitting diode) is Fa Guang Er Ji Guan, this had been invented. The shine principle is used the solid semiconductor chip as optical material, take through the carrier composite cause the photon emission that shine directly. LED headlight is a luminaire used the LED as light source to manufacture.

LED is popularized in this several years. But the Led headlights have been common nowadays, such as top Peugeot 408, Verano GS etc about two hundred thousand that can purchase the LED headlights. And the Led headlights have become a large market in the refitting field.

The reason why LED headlight is popular is about the highly cost effective. Except the beauty, there are many advantages you can’t see it. Compare with the traditional halogen lights and Xenon lights, LED headlight is energy saving, high brightness, long life span, small light unit, abundant style etc. Moreover, it is safe, safe, safe. Repeat thrice for the important things.

But refitting by their selves, many car owners are confused about the annual inspection after refitting. Hua Deng lighting specially design a headlight of 5000K color temperature to help to solve this problem. Zero pressure to pass the annual inspection.

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