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The three tips have to be seen in purchasing LED headlights From: Hua Deng lighting – The Led headlight manufacturer

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Many people do not know how wide the knowledge of LED headlights. They only know to use it at night, the whole world is bright. Actually, there is plenty of knowledge worthy thinking for us. When we are going to purchase the new Led headlights, there is also plenty of knowledge. Now, let the author of Hua Deng Lighting help you to choose the suitable Led headlight step by step.

LED is the mean of Light Emitting Diode. Compare to the previous, after several years’development, the price of LED has been dropped to the affordable market. But have to say the price of LED is much expensive than the general halogen lamp. However, the lifespan of LED is much longer than the xenon lamp, it can work 50,000 hours continuously, fifty times than the general bulbs. The energy dissipation of LED is twentieth than the halogen lamp. It is because of so many advantages of LED headlights, the price is even high, but it is also well-received.

Color temperature

There are warm-tone and cool tone of color temperature, so is the LED headlight. If you choose the LED headlight to pass the annual inspection, I suggest you to choose the warm tone 5000K LED headlight. The color temperature is approach to the skin color. It is bearable for the eyes. It will not cause discomfort. If you want to refit as the original headlights are not bright enough, I suggest you to choose the cool tone 6500K one. As the cool tone LED headlights are used for refitted vehicle. You can choose the color temperature of LED headlights according to your demands. Warm tone will make you feel relax, and the cool tone will give you ‘brightness’. You can choose whatever you want.

Color Rendering Index

CRI is short for Color Rendering Index. Does it look like noble? Actually, it's very easy. That’s used to show the color of light source. I don’t enumerate the details here. You will know once you search on the internet. Only understand the color of LED headlight, you could purchase it correctly. To make the LED headlight become the harmonious component of your love car.


This data may be the most familiar to people; it shows how bright the bulb is. Is that meaning the more lumen the more power dissipation? Not so, that requires you to have a look the rate between lumen and power dissipation carefully. And you could choose the high brightness but low power dissipation bulbs for this. If you come across the good products of Hua Deng Lighting, you should purchase it.

Led headlights are the part and parcel of cars; also it is easy to feel whether it is good or not. In regard to the LED headlights, there are two things to share with you. First, compare to the xenon lights, the greatest advantage of LED headlights is safe, because it is bighted immediately, no need the response time, avoid the invisible danger when high speed driving. Secondly, the price of LED headlights is cheap and expensive, but you get what you pay for, don’t blindly pursuit the cost performance, it’s not reality.

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