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The future trend of Led headlights From: Hua Deng lighting – The Led headlight manufacturer

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With the modern cars are more and more fashionable, the market of car lights is gradual enlargement, among others, depend on the seven advantages, LED car headlights play a decisive role in the car lighting field.

In the market of car headlights, the most representative are LED headlight, xenon lamp and halogen lamp. Compare with the halogen lamp, there are seven advantages of LED headlight, this makes it gains the most favor in the market.

First, the lifespan of LED headlights are long. The general LED headlight can be reached tens of thousands or even one hundred thousand of hours. This is not the general halogen lamp can attain. Moreover, some industry expert said if the car lighting is used the LED headlights; it does not need to replace the headlight during the car life span. And according to the author of Hua Deng lighting’s observation, enjoy great popularity of customers, the Volkswagen and General Motors had used the LED headlights as featured products in car lighting. It is thus clear that the LED headlights have become the market mainstream.

Second, the LED headlights are energy saving a lot. According to the expert introduction, the latest LED headlights energy dissipation are twentieth than the halogen lamp.

Third, the quality of LED headlight light ray is high, no radiation on the whole, belong to the "green light", to initiate the "green light" today, it becomes a tendency to use LED car lights.

Fourth, the impact resistance and anti- seismicity is very good, not easily broken, so it can adapt to different environment.

Fifth, LED headlights do not need to warm boot. Fast bright response speed (nanosecond), suitable for the high speed driving at night. Compare with the xenon lamp, have the best guarantee for driving safety.

Sixth, the adaptable voltage of LED headlights is between six and thirty volt, it can be used in the car absolutely.

Seventh, the LED headlights of Hua Deng can be customized. The designer can change the design at will, makes the car modeling diversified. The car factories favor LED headlights, is determined by the advantages of LED car light itself.

Of course, the reality have to face is the price. In the marketplace today, the price of LED headlights and the traditional car headlights has a greater difference. According to the observation of Hua Deng author, like the medium-high grade car, the price of halogen is 120/piece. But the LED headlight is 300/piece. But Hua Deng lighting is always focuses on improvement of luminous efficiency and heat dissipation technology. Although there is some existing issue to be solved, and the advantages such as safe, high resistance to vibration, energy saving, long-life, with the improvement of product technology and the product category continuous expansion, the car will be turned to the development of safety and intelligentialize.


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