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LED car lights play a decisive role in the car lighting field in the future From: Hua Deng lighting – The Led headlight manufacturer

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At present, LED car lights have been used in the inner and external, especially in the car interior lighting, the use of color LED car light is very ripe. Such as, use in instrument panel, back lighting switch, car reading light and head up display. Get through using the own separate colors, make the automaker distinguish with the other competitors, or use the color to distinguish the different series products. Audi A7 stole the whole show after published using the LED car lights. The sharp LED car lights are built the style not only avant-garde but also fierce. And the flying wing LED daytime running lamps are used in the new generation Audi A8; of course Audi A7 will be not give up this both practical and cool design. After the LED headlights are activated, the car lights will be from bright to dark according to the distance of the road when driving; also will be provided the illumination need in the curve. In addition, the Kia cars are deployed car illuminated panel; the omnibearing courtesy lamp has been lighted up when you are approaching. The elegant light of the cabin instrument desk and LED indoor reading lamp connect with the bright starry sky outside the panoramic sunroof, makes the cadenza looks like the spirit across the night sky. As the car headlights, need the high-power LED, under the restrictions of technology and the cost performance of the LED, especially in the optics, electronic control, and heat management still has its difficulties. However, LED car lights have been kept its feet in the automobile market. The luxury and high-end cars have been started to use. Except the quite general LED tail light, LED high-mount stop lamp, LED width lamp, LED reading lamp, LED fog lamp, LED turn light and so on, LED headlights have been widely used in car factory and refitting market. In 2015, the market size in domestic LED exceeds ten billion. It will be come into twenty billion in five years. According to the 2016 LED special report published in 2015, 95% new car will be used the LED car lights in one or above tail light all over the world in 2016. Therefore, LED car lights will be played a decisive role in the car lighting field.

Epilogue: in conclusion, LED car lights have been the mainstream. The author of Hua Deng tell you, the LED headlights and LED car lights in the marketplace at present are continuous upgrade. And in the low carbon economy age, the replacement of applicable products also becomes a trend, now that the halogen lamps can be replaced by xenon lamps entirely, so, the usage of LED headlights will not be far away.

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