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Which one is better, LED car light or xenon lamp? From: Hua Deng lighting – The Led headlight manufacturer

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Several years ago, people are struggle with which one is better, the halogen lamp or the xenon lamp. But with the rise of LED headlights, they are struggle with the xenon lamp and the LED headlights. Let the author of Hua Deng to help you to solve this query today.

First, both working principle

Xenon lamp: To be filled with chemical gas in the UV-cut uvioresistant crystal glass tube, most of them are Xenon and monoiodide. Then used the ballast to pressurize the direct voltage from 12 volt to 23,000 volt. Via the high voltage swing to motivate the xenon electronic ionization, come into illuminant between the two electrodes, this is what is called gas discharge.

LED headlights: It is an electric light-emitting device and uses the solid semiconductor chip as optical material, via the recombination of carrier to cause photon emission then shine directly. The LED headlights used the LED as illuminant to manufacture.

Second, both advantages

Xenon lamp:

1. The color temperature of xenon lamp from 3000K to 12,000K. The 6000K temperature is similar to the sunlight, contain the major green and blue, then appear blue and white light. This enhances the brightness of road sign and indicator.

2. HID is threefold brightness higher than the halogen lamp. It has a obvious effect on improving the definition at night and in the fog driving.

3. The luminous flux of xenon is more than double to the halogen lamp, also the efficiency of  electric energy translate into optical energy has improved to 70% than the halogen lamp. So xenon lamp has the higher energy density and illumination intensity. The improvement of car light brightness is help to enlarge the visual range before the car that construct the safer driving conditions.

4. Power saving 1/2, halogen lamp costs 60W above electric power, but xenon lamp only needs 35W.

5. Xenon lamp has no filament; therefore it will not cause the issue of filament broken to scrap. The working life is much longer than the halogen lamp; the working life of xenon lamp is equal to the whole running time in the car average usages service cycle.

6. The xenon lamp will not quench once break down, but turn to quench via goes dark gradually (or light up quickly).To make the driver gains time at night, pull over urgently.

LED headlights:

1. The energy consumption is twentieth than the halogen lamp.

2. Better penetrability, can keep the higher identification in fog.

3. The life span is a hundred times than the xenon lamp. By and large, your car is scrap, and the LED headlights are still working well.

4. Can be lighted up instantaneously, not like the xenon lamp needs to take a while to bright.

5. LED headlights are single structure, small volume; it has more changing form in the car appearance design.

6. The ray of LED headlights is scattering generally, little light pollution, the real environmental protection.

List out both of the two advantages, it is very easy to know the advantages and disadvantages. Nearly the pride of xenon lamps, LED headlights will do the better, even the hundred times than it. But some people are stubborn, like to talk with the weakness, ok! Let us look at the weakness of them.

Third, both disadvantage

Xenon lamp:

1. Bad concentrated light, because it is too bright, easily dazzle the opposite car drivers that causes accidents.

2. Bad penetrating power, during the fog and ice and snow weather, the penetrating power of xenon lamp is very weak.

3. Late effect. Because of the working principle of xenon lamp, it takes 2~4 seconds to light up. When driving in high speed, the trumpet is always not work, it needs the headlights to flash the front car, it is completely impossible to depend on the xenon lamps.

4. Have potential risk.

LED headlights:

1. Problem of heat dissipation. LED headlights will be generated huge heat when working; will be substantially shortened lifespan if poor heat dissipation. But Hua Deng lighting makes adjustment aim at the new style via the double ball bearing cooling fans match a set of excellent cooling system. Do not need to worry about; in the meantime, the cost will be increased for this.

2. The price is expensive. Although the life span of LED headlights is long. On the basis of long-term driving, the cost is cheaper than the xenon lamp and the halogen lamp. But the manufacturers are not willing to bear the undeserved debt on the low side car.

List out both of the two disadvantages, not difficult to know the LED headlights are more perfect than the xenon lamp as a whole. In fact, compare to the xenon lamp, the best advantages of LED headlights is safety. But the disadvantage of LED headlights basically focus on‘money’, has no the stiff disadvantage. Think the price of headlights three hundred is expensive. You look at all are the aunt, but they are not the same.

In conclusion, it is a positive fact that LED headlights are better than the xenon lamps. Do not need overmuch contest. More than to say, choose by yourself.

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