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Household lighting beauty design in full range

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 General family of lighting, divided into three kinds: ordinary lighting, local lighting and decorative lighting , to highlight the rhythm of space lighting, so that space is full of angry and smart.

 To recommend lamps slow start device


Set reading lamp or desk lamp beside the bed, easy to read before sleeping. Desk lamp can be moved, very flexible, and itself is a work of art, light through the shade can draw beautiful lines on the wall. The local illumination on the dresser and the wardrobe is the most sensible way to install the lamp on both sides of cosmetic mirror.


Functional lamps have a brilliant future


According to the decoration style, to place a top of the pendant lamp, as the whole space of the total light source, light cover indoor, can meet the daily activities of the study of light, can also be used as the basis for space lighting.

 Auxiliary light source will do good job


The living room lighting style is the master’s identity, status, culture symbol and performance, therefore, the living room decoration lighting is to create an atmosphere, should choose the artistry of the lamps, and the building structure and interior layout coordination, outline a wonderful light environment.







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