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LED Light Bulbs

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As the following energy-saving lamps and a huge green technology lighting revolution, LED lamps with its low carbon environmental protection, energy saving, long life and other advantages to win the favor of consumers. June with at the end of the spring is approaching, consumers began to purchase lighting, to touch for decoration industry draw a perfect periods, and LED lamps and lanterns naturally become choice.



Erroneous zone 1: the actual service life and data are different.


General LED nominal life can reach 100000 hours MTBF (average no fault time). However, LED lumens are often affected by many factors. Therefore, consumers should pay attention to in the purchase of LED lamp is not only a nominal life, but should be light speed.


Erroneous zone 2 : the choice of a cheap or expensive


Price reflects the combination of cost, quality and brand value. Ultra low price of LED products is bound to be unable to ensure the security, but the high price of LED may also have a virtual high component.


Erroneous zone 3 : the pursuit of fancy features


The more functions of the product, the higher the cost of natural, but a lot of functions is only the behavior of the eye. So whether it is ultra modern guest bedroom lamp or romantic living room lamp Hua Deng

  lights are lighting to meet the basic premise, advocating a simple, intelligent life.


Erroneous zone 4: the pursuit of high brightness


Different occasions have different lighting standards, and the pursuit of a high brightness, is a waste, but also may cause harm to people. So, first of all, to confirm the lighting needs to meet the needs of their own light.




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