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HUADENG The LED quality guarantee the necessary procedures

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Methods: the experiment put good LED lights after water immersion on the shelf, according to the input voltage connection plug, open the power supply, check each LED light, at the same time commitment the work full of power in the process of the test. HUADENG aging test time is 24 hours a day, test process, we have LED more than 10 times on/off test, about 10 seconds and close to 10 seconds at a time. Like LED grain, dark, flash and abnormal voice switch defective goods are not allowed to enter the next step.

IPQC check the aging test LED every 2 hours, check whether all the indicator light is working correctly, and mark defect and notes, validation of time in the left shelves, shelves and record on paper the abnormal process.When abnormal ratio of more than 3%, IPQC should tell, QC supervisor. According to the reasons of the track and solve.

Defects shall stop the test, and then removed from the shelves to maintenance repair. Turn the power off after finish the test lamp, go after the lights went out, low surface temperature down to normal, and then put it in a specified site waiting for the next working procedure. HUADENG ensure that every test program, has a significant symbol of its order, guarantee every good light is finally delivered to the customer.

Aging test should be operated by professionals;Safety protection step must first take care at work. Ground wire connection required.Leds shelves need to be careful, be careful it slide. Aging test is an important step of LED before delivery.HUADENG work, each measuring leds with the course, and to ensure the quality of our products.