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The ten great advantages of LED headlights

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One: Small and exquisite lamp body.

LED headlights are placed the small and exquisite LED chip inside the transparent epoxy resin, and then assemble a finished product. As the LED component is very small and slim, it can save vast material and space in making the LED car lights and application.

Two: Very low energy consumption

The voltage of LED car lights is 2~3.6V generally, working current only need 0.02~0.03A. That’s to say, the electricity consumption is not exceeding 0.1W. Compare to the same halogen lamp lighting effect, LED car lights are decreased by 90% above, and decreased by 50% above compare to the xenon lamps. Only the LED headlights are deserve to be called the real energy conservation.

Three: Firm and durable

The lamp bead of LED car lights is encapsulated in the epoxy resin. The small epoxy resin is hard to break; the whole lamp body has no looseness, the chip inside is hardest to break, rare heat effect to volatilize and fusing. These advantages make the LED car lights hard to break. Compare to the general bulbs and fluorescent lamp, LED car lights are as strong as iron, infinitely strong and durable.

Four: LED car lights are long service life

In the proper electricity and voltage, the working life of LED car lights can reach hundred thousand hours. That is theoretically, the working life reaches ten years above, the working life is longer than the other kinds of lamps.

Five: Safe low voltage

LED car lights are used the low voltage direct-current main (can rectify the alternating current to direct current), service voltage is between 6~24V, due to the different products will be some difference. In brief it used in the direct-current main safer than the high voltage power supply, especially suit for the car lighting.

Six: wide range of application

Because it is small and exquisite, every unit LED tablet is 3~5mm square or roundness; it is more suitable for the complicated formative technology device. For example, to produce the soft LED strip light, specific shape LED car light products, only the LED is suitable at present.

Seven: Abundant color

The color of lamps is very simplex in the market before. If want to achieve the color aim, one is to swab or cover the color chip on the surface of the lamp. The other is filled with the inert gas to shine; hence the richness of the color is limited. LED is digital control, luminous chip can be given out many colors at present, such as red, green and blue tricolor, just have the tricolor, and via the system control, can restore the colorful of the wider world.

Eight: Low heat dissipation

LED car lights are the more advanced cold light source; it does not like the halogen lamps radiate vast infrared ray and ultraviolet ray. Especially suit for the reading light in the car. Have no the electricity heating effect like the halogen lamps. It will not explode by the affected of expansion and contraction, will not make the bulbs yellowing, and make the bulbs accelerated aging, also have no greenhouse effect to the surroundings.

Nine: Low in the pollution of the environment

The protective effect of LED car lights to the environment major performance in three aspects:

First, has no mercuric harm. The interior of the LED car lights are not like the high pressure mercury lamp used the high risk mercury; it will not appear the fabrication process of the bulbs or reveal the mercury ion or fluorescent powder hazard event after broken.

Second, the epoxy resin used to make the LED is belonging to the high-molecular compound, it has the well physicochemical property after solidify, has the high bonding strength to the chip and the metal. Hard but pliable and tough, is stable to the salt and alkali and the most solvent. Not easy to break down, it could be recycled and reused even it is broken and fossilized, has no pollution to the environment.

Finally, the particle layout of LED lights and viewing screen and the generated light is always scattering, rarely come into light pollution.

Ten: Economical cost

Compare to the halogen lamps and the xenon lamps; the price of LED lights is a little expensive. But, as the energy consumption of LED car lights is low particularly, it can save vast energy dissipation in long term use. Also long performance life to save the cost of replacing the bulbs, therefore the integrated using cost is more cost-efficient.


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