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For the lighting system into wisdom Give life a new lighting experience

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When we had just recovered from a lighting era of joy, and a new era of intelligent lighting have brought us into a technology event. This is a universal for unlimited benefits brought by the age of science and technology. HUADENG is an intelligent household lighting system, not only can provide remote control of lighting equipment, also support the position, the weather, the surrounding light perception function, realize the real intelligent lighting.

This equipment mainly includes a central control unit and 3 wall socket connector in entry-level suits, compared to the other installer annoying complex intelligent lighting equipment, a device called "without any installation technique", "like children's game is simple to operate. HUADENG system including hardware and embedded into the wall socket dimmers, and through the Z - Wave radio frequency technology to connect to the control center to control lights, supporting users can use the App to the central system Settings. HUADENG central control equipment can measure and record your lighting system situation of energy consumption.

As a result, the consumer more willing to accept this equipment, eliminating the painful struggle with how to install the smart devices. HUADENG no additional installation work, only need to put on the central control system, special lamps and lanterns in the socket in the home, again through the mobile phone client series of Settings, you can don't have to worry about, let the intelligent lighting system automatic operation.


Internal equipment built-in environmental sensors, someone in the home and no person can automatically open or close the light, also is the embodiment of the intelligent can sense the room environment light intensity and according to this data automatically adjust the strength of the light, give us the eye and the mind and body is the most comfortable lighting experience, in order both to achieve the effect of protecting our eyes, and can save electricity, to maximize the energy of the effect of science and technology. In addition, brightup also can be in the home when he was a system of random bright light, it can form the illusion of a master at home, guarantee the safety of long-term and unmanned in the home.