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Lighting companies need to find the way out of a dilemma

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In the lamps and lanterns industry high-speed development, the development of the enterprise is in a bind of lamps and lanterns, development still marking time, various factors inside and outside from the market research, you can see there is a phenomenon of low degree of development of most enterprises.Most companies have failed to keep pace with lamps and lanterns industry the pace of progress.

Industry needs to change the existing production relations

Lamps and lanterns as a processing and manufacturing industry, following a labor-intensive production pattern, this pattern has been over two centuries, the nature of the production relations determine his low productivity, producers intent to improve the production efficiency will need to change the existing production relations, and more investment in modern production line.

Lamps and lanterns industry the product technology content is low

In the industry of lamps and lanterns, following a low technical production mode to bring the biggest drawback is the homogeneity of products, product technology content is low, also lower the barriers to entry, new companies tend to hold other people's products, this leads to the low rate of return of lamps and lanterns industry innovation.This is a cycle, lamps and lanterns industry now is in the cycle of wireless in the swirl of unable to escape.

The lamps and lanterns of low cost, low technology products flooding the market, not only disrupt the consumer judgment and purchase desire, also hindering the market of lamps and lanterns of the transition.

In a nutshell, lamps and lanterns industry market development potential still exists, although at present the development of enterprises of lamps and lanterns is not very good, but as long as firms seek to method, we will be able to break in, make progress.