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The difference between halogen lamps xenon lamps and LED car lights From: Hua Deng lighting – The Led headlight manufacturer

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One: Different light principle 

1, Halogen lamps are injected the iodine and bromine etc halogen gas inside the bulb. The sublimate tungsten filament is in chemistry at high temperatures. The tungsten cooling will freeze on the tungsten filament again, come into the balanced circulation, to avoid the tungsten filament broken untimely. So the life span of halogen lamps is longer than the incandescent light bulbs. (Use the tungsten filament to shine)

2, Xenon lamps are filled with the high voltage inert gases —Xenon in the quartz burner, to replace the traditional lamp filament, there are hydrargyrum and carbon compound in the two electrode, use the ballast to stimulate the xenon to shine, formed the perfect the white electric arc. The light emanated is closed to the sunlight very perfect. (Use the inert gases to shine)

3, LED headlights are used the solid semiconductor chip as optical material, via the recombination of carrier cause photon emission shine directly. LED headlights are use LED as light source to manufacture. (Use LED to shine)

Two: Different energy consumption

1. The energy consumption of halogen lamp is maximum, usually car uses is 55W.

2. Xenon lamp is usually used 35W.

3. LED headlights are 20W.

Three: Different brightness

The brightness of halogen lamp is the lowest, 55W for 1000 LM.

Xenon lamp is 35W for 3200 LM.

There are 20 W LED headlights have been reached 3000~4000 LM.

Four: Different working life

1. The working life of general halogen lamp is 500 hours.

2. Xenon lamp is 3000 hours.

3. The working life of LED headlight can be achieved 50000 hours.

Five: Different response time

Halogen lamp and LED headlight are lighted up immediately, will not delay. But the xenon lamp will be delay; it takes six seconds to light up. Quick-start will be taken 2 seconds to light up.

Six: Different color temperature

There is only one color temperature of halogen lamp, and it is about 2700K, the light is a little yellow. The optionality of xenon lamp and LED headlight is larger, from 3000K to 30000K, have different tinctorial light, the common use in the market is 4300K, 5000K and 6000K. 

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