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13 kinds of trend in the development of LED lighting industry, lighting design

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Trend 1: flat + stressed

Color choice is limited to the monotonous colour (dark grey), at the same time and inspired by the 1950 s inspiration and vivid color, green, yellow, ochre, as a window to be outstanding.

Wall is pure white color wash light, a special diffuse surface evenly illuminated wall, highlighted the wall white.

Trend 2: light images

Due to flash technology, LED has become a practical alternative to incandescent bulbs.Different nuances of whiteness, white from cold to warm white, are applied in the light art scene, reproduce the natural light of the sunset.

Trend 3: light and interaction design

Interaction is one of the hottest trends in lighting technology, people's movement and it is not only used to trigger a lighting lighting art installation.In more and more daily life scene, no matter indoor or outdoor, lighting control and interaction are playing an increasingly important role.

The product by the Beam 'Art - a focus on developing interactive devices and digital stage set creative coding provide power support team.

Trend 4: beyond nature

"Nature" is indispensable in the modern lighting design keywords.The most advanced technology to enable designers to create the effect of the aurora borealis, can use the change color from top to bottom to wash light wall, creating an atmosphere of want.Nature of the surrealistic lighting now possible.

Trend 5: organic light

Today is one of the largest demand for environmental protection.Scientists has been approved by a special lighting system for indoor.The new LED lighting technology can make plants grow in the indoor space, and offers the potential for large-scale agricultural production application.

Trend 6: what kind of white?

For color temperature is a measurement of the white light difference index, from warm white (like a flame of orange, 2000 k) to cold white (like the blue gas flame, 12000 k).These different white color will directly influence on a space atmosphere.

Trend 7: transparent, invisible, illusion

Part of the light is invisible in the design of space.Lighting hardware facilities are becoming more and more low-key.Printed on transparent sheet and encapsulation in half mirror LED chips and circuit inside the box looks like jewelry boxes made of light and charming.Can be integrated with building structure or decorative elements of new lighting materials will be for the integration of lighting and architecture with unknown potential.

Trend 8: pure light

Now the lighting designers create the potential of ultra-thin light.LED has been achieved through clever, carefully define building this new possibility.Light line can be hidden in the ground, wall or ceiling, also can hang in space, or as old science-fiction film envisioned, vividly used in three-dimensional space.

9: going green

Due to religious, social, or superstition in certain cultural symbolism, green is considered to be a kind of difficult to application of colour.However, it still because the meaning of the other, such as forests, fields, pure and fresh and the spring and popular.Using the latest solid-state lighting mixed color technology, beautiful green light can become a reality.

10: optical technology

With precise lens and reflector control technology of beam of light is called optical technology or optical engineering.Special optical lens used in a given illumination device (spotlights, chandeliers, etc.), on the choice of lens depends on the use of light source, such as LED, halogen lamp, etc.) and its purpose: uniform wall lighting, highlight the details, and so on.Optical lens, the more precise the desired atmosphere more effectively achieved.

11: the museum lighting - decides success or failure

Light as air.We all need it, also can strongly feel it, but this often instinctively.If a person in a certain space feels uncomfortable, bad light may be one reason.Especially in the art exhibition space, lighting is one of the main factors that decided to work life.Every exhibit or painting requires a separate processing, to foil a artists want qualities.The subtle balance of light and shade can foil the outline of the sculpture, after careful adjustment of the light can make a painting reached almost three-dimensional level.

12: after LED OLED

Organic light emitting diode (OLED) is rising up after LED a light source.With point light leds will lens or reflection is used to spot and wash the wall lamp is different, the surface of the diffuse light OLED is a soft, like display technology has been applied.Its application from billboards to works of art, is very extensive.The combination of leds and oleds will enable designers to create a bright space, an unheard-of lighting types.

13: synesthesia

Light is often combined with perfect design to improve sensory experience.In September 2013, in order to cooperate with lighting concept, we cooperate with shiseido, created two new custom perfume.Light and aroma are manufacturing of the basic elements of atmosphere, but at the same time, they are extremely difficult to manage and description.A new challenge in the future, it may be a new trend is light and charming fragrance.