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High demand period LED lamps and lanterns into the automatic production line

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The LED lighting market in the increasingly fierce competition in the case, the introduction of LED lamps and lanterns is automatic production line, the effective solution to the problem of enterprise product quality at the same time, also can further reduce production costs, improve product competitiveness.

After the domestic automation equipment in the groping stage, equipment manufacturers need to invest a lot of money, manpower and material resources to ensure that product development is in place, again fastidious collection research and development of the cost of the equipment; New equipment available at the same time, easy to not be valued by the customer, so I need all kinds of complicated authentication information to proof the stability and practicability of the equipment, then let customers safely use.

At the same time, as a prototype of automation equipment, the current some so-called still belongs to "extensive" equipment automation equipment, automation degree is low, need higher labor costs.And as intelligent equipment enterprise technology in the past two years has increased, fewer and fewer artificial intervention, forming many technologize equipment series, generation of fully automatic assembly line, to enhance the work efficiency.

According to reporter understanding, the current upstream taller to the technical requirements of automatic production equipment;And middle encapsulation direction, domestic automation equipment accounted for about 50% to 60%;While downstream domestic automated lighting applications accounted for over 70%.Therefore, the future LED automation equipment products and potential.