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Hua Deng Lighting teaches you the six main points how to distinguish the quality of LED car lights

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As set foot in the production of LED car lights is lower, there are many people to do this project. But the experts have idea to identify the LED car lights produced by standard manufacturer and the cheap copy (It means the products manufactured by the whole manual operation in the rental), it can be told at first glance on the appearance. Let’s discuss this further how to identify the stand or fall of LED car lights with eyes.

1. Have a look at the quality of the FPC. There are two kinds of FPC, copper-clad and rolled copper. The copper foil of copper-clad is bulged. It can be told on the joint between the bonding pad and the FPC if scrutinize. However, the rolled copper connects with the FPC closely, it can be buckled at random, and the bonding pad will be not fall off. The bonding pad of copper-clad will be fell off if buckled overmuch. Also it will be fell off during the over temperature in maintaining.

2. Have a look at the welding spot. The LED car lights produced by the standard manufacturer are used the SMT dispensing technology, solder paste and solder reflow process. Therefore, the welding spot of LED car lights is smoother and the amount of soldering will not much. The welding spot is circle from FPC bonding pad to the extension of the LED electrode. But the soldering amount of welding spot of cheap copy is uneven, shows the weld legs are encased by a dot, also will be appeared the different levels solder icicle. This is the classic phenomenon of manual welding.

3. Have a look at the package. The standard LED car lights will be used the anti-electrostatic packaging, and then it will use the anti-static moisture-proof packaging bag to seal. But in order to save the cost, the cheap copy LED car lights have no the anti-static moisture-proof packaging bag, you can find out the trace and the scratch on the outside surface when clear away the label.

4. Have a look at the cleanliness of LED car lights surface. The cleanliness is perfect when used the SMT dispensing technology to manufacture the LED car lights, have no any impurities and spot. But if used the manual soldering process to manufacture the cheap copy LED car lights, no matter how to clean, the spot and trace will be existed, also there will be scaling powder and solder splash on the surface of the FPC.

5. Have a look at the lamp beads. The lamp beads used by the standard and high quality LED car light factories are the better ones, such as the America CREE, German OSRAM, Korea Samsung, Taiwan Epistar, all are the world-class authority brand lamp beads, to make sure the headlights are high light, low light degradation and long lifespan. Because this can really help to ensure the products quality, but the cheap copy LED car light factories will use the low quality and cheap lamp bead to save the cost.

6. Have a look the accessories. The standard LED car lights will be enclosed the instructions and the strip lights specification in the packing box; it will equip the LED car lights connector or the cassette. While there are none of these accessories in the cheap copy LED car lights packing box. As some factories want to save as much as they can after all.

Above are the six main points of Hua Deng Lighting LED car light manufacturer to identify the quality of LED car lights . Everyone have to remember, to prevent from buying the inferior products due to be not familiar with the car lights. Everyone wants to buy the high quality and durable products. So it is very important to the quality of the products, there is great benefit to remember this six main points.

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