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The price of LED car lights is dependent on its value From: Hua Deng lighting – The Led headlight manufacturer

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Quality lies in value, value lies in price, the price of car lights dependent on its value

The exterior of common LED headlights in the market looks the same, but the price is extremely different, this is confused a number of friends. Actually, quality lies in price is eternally immutable truth. The quality of LED car lights depend on price, the main performance are the three ways below:

1. The accuracy lighting patterns of LED car lights. Car light bowl reflector, not all the shape is used computer aided design, but use the rolling over instead, imitate from the molding products directly, little LED car light factories to deeply research the details. Though it is easy to replicate, but the refractive index of lens depends on its material, without the analysis of precise instrument, it is hard to replicate completely. Moreover, for the light source we are frequently-used—halogen lamp. It is not a perfect point light source. It is well-known that lamp filament has definite length. And it is completely impossible to use the simple high school physics to deal with the refraction and reflection. If the high school physics common sense can be used directly, we can buy a spherical glass shell, cut in half; internal surface plated the reflectance coating. Place the lamp in the centre of sphere, it can use as the spotlights. If want to accuracy control the final lighting patterns of non point sources light, it must depend on the professional aided design software, after point-by-point ray-tracing to the lamp filament by the software, then review the light ray transmit in different positions of drop point overlap with it. Only for this can get the final optical design (This is why there are many people discover the lighting patterns divergency reason after installed the HID. The luminous point of HID cannot overlap completely with the halogen lamp, usually it is a crooked broken line, similar to the lightning). So much as, when you use the LED car bulb produced by the non standard specifications, will cause deviation between emergent light beam and design light. A good LED car light will make you gain the vast majority of luminous flux from the design light, and little of it will land up outside the design district.

2. The quality of car lights. The high temperature resistance and oxidation resistance of LED car lights bowl reflector coating film, actually the new LED car lights we purchase now can attain good diffuse and ecular for lighting, only partial poor coating film LED car lights bowl reflector surface will be found a large number of bubble, impurity and protuberance etc technique intuitively quality problem. Generally, the normal quality LED car lights products will not happen these, as it is belong to the defective goods to the general quality control system. But to really distinguish the high quality products and the defective goods is the inner quality of reflectance coating. In order to save the cost of production and improve the reflection efficiency, modern coating technology usually use the aluminum film, and it is very easy to oxidize long-term exposure in the air, and come into the opaque aluminum oxide. In the meantime, to make the coating film plying-up tightly with the bowl reflector metal base, usually use the high polymer material as the basis. The high polymer material will be quickly burn-in when expose to the ultraviolet light, and then come into the albinism of the bowl reflector. The quality of LED car lights material likes the high temperature resistance and oxidation resistance has the direct bearing on the quality of LED car lights. That gives rise to the difference in the price of LED car lights.

3. The shock resistance, temperature shock and transmission of light all have direct influence on the quality of LED car lights, and then affect the price of the LED car lights.

The three aspects above are the key factor affected the quality of LED car lights. The exterior of LED car lights looks the same, but the price is a great deal of difference. To the LED car lights field as well, the similar exterior products, the price of LED car lights exists the bigger difference. But, what is called you get what you pay for, the real out-and-out car light products; it depends on your choice.


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