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The Classification and its usage of the LED car lights outside

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The common external LED car lights have: LED headlights, LED fog light, LED license plate lamp, LED backup light, LED stop lamp, LED turn light, LED width lamp, LED clearance lamp, LED parking light, LED caution light and daytime running lamps. The color of lights external usually used white, yellow and red; the car executed special mission, such as fire fighting truck, patrol wagon, ambulance, breakdown van are used the red, yellow or blue strobe light with the prior right to pass through. The motor vehicle should be taken part in the security detection and comprehensive on time to make sure the external LED car lights safe and valid.

(1) LED headlamps are commonly known as LED headlights, it is installed on the two sides of the head of car to light up the road, and there are two formulations and four formulations. When the headlights of four formulations installed side by side, a pair installed in the outboard should be low and distance light double beam lamp. And the distance light single beam lamp should be installed in the inboard. The wattage of LED distance light is 40~60W generally, and the LED low beam is 35~55W.

(2) LED fog lights are installed in the head and tail of the car. To be used for improving the brightness before the car, when in the greasy weather, snow, rainstorm or the dust pervaded. The color of LED front fog lamp is orange-yellow. And it is red of LED fog tail light. To alert the following car to keep a safe distance.

(3) LED license plate lamps are installed in the upward side and left and right sides of the license plate of the car tail. It is used to light up the rear registration plate lamp, to make sure the pedestrian see the character and figure clearly behind the car twenty meters.

(4) LED backup lights are installed in the car tail. When the derailleur selecting reverse, it will light automatically, to light up the back of the car, also to alert the following car and pedestrian be careful. The color of LED backup light is white.

(5) LED brake lamps are commonly known as LED stoplight. It is installed in the car tail. When stamp the brake pedal, it will give out strong red light, to show braking. The color of LED stoplight is red; lamp-chimney display area is quite behind the indicating light. To avoid the risk impacted by the behind large car, we can install the high-mount stop lamp made of light emitting diode show in a row.

(6) LED turn lights are installed in the two sides of the head and tail of car; it is used for indicating the driving tendency. The middle of the car sidecar is installed the side turn signal lamp. The color of LED turn lights is stray color. The lamplight presents glitter when it is turning. The frequency is intended to 1.sic.5HZ, starting time less than 1.5s. All the LED turn lights will be glinted via the hazard warning lamp switch connected, when in urgent danger or need to keep clear of the other cars.

(7) LED clearance lamps are commonly known as LED width lamp, parking lights. It is installed in the front, beside and side of the car. When connected the headlights driving at night, LED width lamp, LED instrument light and LED license plate lamp will be glittered at the same time, to mark the shape and location of cars. The front position lamps are commonly known as lamplet. There are white and yellow of the light color. The back position lamps are commonly known as LED tail lamps, the color is red. The light color of side lamp is amber.

(8) LED clearance lamps are commonly known as corner lamp. The height of no-load car is 3 meters above should be needed to install the clearance lamps to mark the outline of the cars.

(9) LED parking lights are installed the head and the two sides of the car tail, it is required to affirm the light signal with 150 distance from the front and back of the car, and required the light color of front is white, and the back is red. When parking at night, connected the parking lights to mark the shape and location of cars.

(10) LED caution lights are installed at the top of the car, to mark the special type of the cars. The fire fighting truck and patrol wagon are used the red color, ambulances are used the blue color, rotational speed is 2~6 times per second; the bus and the taxi is white and yellow. The empty indicate lamps are installed in the instrument desk. And the light color is red background with white letters.

(11) LED daytime running lamps are installed in the front of the cars, it is a lamp easier to identify at daytime driving. Its effect is not for the drivers to see the pavement clearly, but it is used to know there is the other car to come. So this light is not the lighting lamp, but a sort of signal lamp. It is true to install the daytime running light to make the car looks much cooler and shine, but the great effect of daytime running light is not lie in the beauty, but the identification provided by the car. The motor vehicle daytime running light is carried out forcibly in Europe before 2011; LED will be further widely use in the cars.

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